Eulogy for Harold Smith

How do we measure greatness and what do we want to be remembered for?

As we commit Mr Harold Smith to mother earth today, he follows in the footsteps of other men of history, such as Galileo, Tom Paine, Socrates, among others who had the courage to tell the authority the truth, and then were punished for it. The stories of these great men are not complete without references to those who oppressed them; they had their moments, but today they are remembered for all the wrong reasons while history has vindicated the punished and their contributions are cherished.

If Mr Smith had not lived for something positive, our gathering today would have simply been a commemoration of a beloved father, husband and friend which would have more than justified the sombre mood of all gathered here today. However, Harold lived a principled and righteous life which affected many lives, and thus as we celebrate the end of his earthly journey we are consoled by the fact that his ideas will live on through future generations. Harold who treated his conscience as a judge, witness and friend serves as a current and future model for humanity to follow.

Mr Smith was a true believer in the truth. He stood as ‘a firm reminder and caring presence of what ought to be and can be, in this world’; ‘an incorruptible man who was unusual in his passion for the truth.’

Sir James Robinson was said to be great but Harold did not try to copy his so-called greatness, which only merited no more than the curses of humanity and he’s remembered for the anguish he spread in Sudan and Nigeria where he served as the last Governor-General.
Harold you lived for your ideas that goodness is just; inhumanity is unjust. You were right in those beliefs. Your ideas will live after you.  Harold, forever we will remember you.

Rest in Peace.

  1. #1 by Femi Obembe on April 25, 2011 - 2:26 am

    He was indeed a great man.In my estimation,a priceless treasure!Being Nigerian,you can understand my anguish at all that Nigeria & Nigerians have been processed through and are still being processed through by the evil time bombs planted by the British colonial masters.The stigmatising as being fraudulent and crooks!We have no peace at home because those unjustly & unfairly given advantage are not willing to give up the position.This is fairly natural.But the purity of a life that Harold Smith represented is so sanitising and it gives us hope that there can be a reasoned way out among the ‘Nations’ within Nigeria through dialogue stemming from our hunger for peace among us and in our land.Human life has ultimate capacity for peace and ultimate capacity for evil.It’s a question of choices.Evedently,Harold Smith chose the peace option.May he rest in perfect peace.Some of us will never forget him because of this.Kind regards.

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